May 19th, 2022

The Sacred Wisdom OnChain Project is a capstone project I’ve created to implement in the fall for my degree-- in yoga studies. I get the irony here, but I wanted to share my academic proposal here on Mirror to begin a dialogue that has been surfacing almost daily. Grab a coffee and get to reading….

My core question is as follows:

How can decentralized blockchain technology be utilized to protect, archive and support the translations and teachings from wisdom traditions so current and future generations can freely access this knowledge as a public good, while also providing support for scholars and source communities through the monetary and governance mechanisms inherent in blockchain technology?

The Sacred Wisdom project contains three core premises that I will explore and work towards the implementation of during my capstone project. The first premise is protecting wisdom tradition translations and teachings from the threat of market enclosures, commodification, disinformation and authoritarian political structures through decentralization of information. The second premise explores archiving wisdom tradition teachings so future generations can access the knowledge with no centralized gatekeepers or market forces controlling access. And lastly, I will explore supporting scholars and source communities through the creation of decentralized organizational structures that provide the technical and autonomous mechanisms to build and support communities through virtual gathering places and alternative economic modalities without middle men or gatekeepers in a global container accessible to all and built under the premise of the Gift Economy.

March 23rd, 2022

Originally published on my substack in early 2021.

Several core pillars of our society are collapsing, shifting, and redefining themselves. Centralization is becoming a hindrance to economic growth and the endless printing of dollars to support the pandemic-ravaged economy is causing confidence in fiat currencies across the globe to wane. While I support the massive government spending necessary to help the citizens navigate the current economic collapse, at some point, inflation will come knocking.

We can explore those statements in depth later, but for the sake of this article, I want you to know that embracing cryptocurrencies is part of our adaptation to the inevitable shift of our economic systems to digital currencies. Before we hash out the details of purchasing your crypto (pun intended), let’s step out for two seconds and look at the big picture.

Decentralized Currencies Lift Us All

March 9th, 2022

I have to admit, I did not have “psychopathic kleptocrat starts World War” on my 2022 bingo card, but here we stand. Staring down the reality that during the previous administration, America helped numerous dictators consolidate power and prepare for the very scenario we see playing out before our eyes.

Unjustifiable wars, devastating human rights violations and utter destruction to re-establish global power dynamics that disappeared with the Cold War. Only now, it’s a hot war, the kleptocrats are bent on utter destruction with total disregard for human life, America’s standing in the world is greatly diminished and the end game is the destruction of democracy across the globe. Democracy is hard, dictatorship is easy.

Oh, and we’re still grappling with the lingering results of a two year global pandemic that shredded communities, families and social safety nets. And don’t get me started on the climate crisis.

Is it any wonder why so many of us are simply hanging on by the very edge of our tattered ropes? Almost every friend I bump into answers the question “how are you?” with a heavy “overwhelmed”.

February 23rd, 2022

I live in multiple worlds. I believe many of us do. And as of late, my worlds as a technologist and former journalist are colliding in my timeline and causing a deep yet profound duality. One that I am learning to live within and hold space for.

On the one hand, I see nothing but hope, community, art and opportunity. On the other hand, I see nothing but destruction, polarization, propaganda, ignorance, kleptocracy and the destruction of humanity at the hands of the 1%. And lately, I’ve seen that machinery of destruction unleashed upon the hopeful sector of my timeline-- the technologists.

At the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
At the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

To see only the beauty and ignore the destruction is to remain blissfully unaware and vulnerable to the world itself. I often envy those who are able to completely ignore the destruction. My ability to process the destruction with a level of detachment is a skill learned as a journalist that serves me well now. My ability to sit with the sorrow and bear witness to the worst outcomes of our human journey also allows me to be a powerful documentarian and show others the impacts of politics and policy through imagery.

February 13th, 2022

Disruption is messy. Period.

Change is not something we, as humans, navigate with grace or ease. We fight change kicking and screaming. We crouch in fear in a dark corner, as our limbic brain begins to shift into flight or fight mode, and lash out at anything foreign that enters our vision. We armor ourselves and sink into an often detrimental cycle of vehemently fighting the wave of change that is slowly coming at us- bracing for the inevitable tsunami that will alter our lives.

And let’s be honest, we’re all exhausted from the last few years of perpetual fear and disruption of our daily lives at the hands of a virus we can’t control.

Now take that looming specter of change and wrap it in a technological container that takes some serious dedication to understand and also possesses the potential to disrupt the existing power and economic dynamics currently enabling the patriarchal and corporate webs that keep us all trapped in the wheel of consumption and you have the ingredients for a straight-up war.

December 17th, 2021

What is a warrior?

Redefining warriorship is one aspect of healing our patriarchal society that I resonate with on a deep level. I believe we are living through a time where the quiet warriors among us are being called to step up and shed light on another way of walking through our world.

Sacred indigenous cultures and eastern religions view the warrior in a completely different light. The sacred warrior is fierce when they need to be and compassionate at the same time. The warrior is self aware and shows up as her true, authentic self so that others can rise up along with her. The warrior engages in violence only when necessary and only when their community is in danger. The warrior views all life, all sentient beings, as something to be cherished, celebrated and protected. The warrior understands that the balance between feminine and masculine energies is the true battle to understand and win.

“The call to the warrior is not simply an individual call to action when all hell is breaking loose; it’s a call for us to cultivate the ground in which warriors can be grown. A warrior must be respectful and disciplined in their interactions with all living beings and omitted to protecting the sacredness of every life” (Mitchell 153).

October 23rd, 2021

There’s a conversation we, as a society, are completely avoiding and the ramifications of such a silence are shredding the fabrics of our shared experience on this planet.

I’m talking about the collective trauma of the pandemic and the fact that we all, every single person on this planet, experienced (and are still experiencing) the direct pain of intense trauma. The pain from this trauma, when left unaddressed and ignored, causes us to lash out in unpredictable and destructive manners.

Group trauma is passed along in ways that impact the entire group. Group trauma can lead to distorted thinking, which often manifests as internalized oppression, as people try to maintain some sense of misplaced control over the circumstances of their oppression. In addition, trauma from long-stranding oppression can leave the group huddled together in a form of stagnated solidarity. When anyone tries to move beyond the place of suffering that the group has occupied, they are attacked by the group and brought back down (Mitchell 56).

When layered a top a large population of people already traumatized from the long term impacts of climate crisis and the kleptocracy-capitalism hybrid many of us are navigating along with massive inequality and economic disruption, it’s no wonder why massive portions of the population are clinging to disinformation that makes them feel empowered over their own lives. It’s no wonder that identity politics have now reached full scale destruction.

October 6th, 2021

Originally published on my substack in 2020.

In most dystopian fiction, the overlords bend the population into submission by drugs, violence, fear or swoop into power after some landscape altering catastrophe or population-decimating contagion.

In the real version, circa 2020, the population opens their hearts and minds to the algorithms they keep in their pockets all day. The overlords simply have some low wage workers flood social platforms with endless conspiracy memes, put a little money into an advertising engine, slip a few fluent English speakers into some private groups to stoke some racism and a population submits willingly to the forces that are destroying their communities, families and lives.

For someone fascinated by the intersections of humanity and technology, a lover of dystopia and a former journalist, it doesn’t get much juicer than this. And honestly, if this were happening in another country, I may just go back to school and get a PHD based on this very scenario.